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PR Outreach for Dev Ops Institute

Crafting and distributing targeted messaging for Non-profit Organization

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Introducing the Story of DevOps Institute

DevOps Institute is a pioneer non-profit organization in the IT space, established to bridge the gap between development and operations teams. They offer industry-recognized certifications, educational resources, and a thriving community, all aimed at empowering professionals to adopt and implement DevOps practices. Founded with the vision of fostering continuous learning and innovation, they have become a key driver in shaping the future of IT collaboration and efficiency.

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The Challenge

DevOps Institute faced the challenge of generating significant media buzz around their annual "Upskilling IT" report.  Their objective was to not only secure press coverage for the report's findings but also leverage the launch to establish DevOps Institute as a thought leader in the IT upskilling conversation.

The Scope

PR Strategy and Outreach, Messaging and Content Strategy

Why DevOps Chose O8

DevOps Institute turned to O8 for their PR expertise in amplifying the reach of their annual "Upskilling IT" report. O8's proven track record in the PR landscape stood out, particularly their ability to craft targeted messaging that resonated with journalists and influencers in the IT sphere.  DevOps Institute was confident in O8's capability to develop a strategic outreach campaign that would secure press coverage and position them as a leading authority on the critical topic of IT upskilling.

How O8 Responded

O8 implemented a comprehensive PR strategy to maximize the impact of DevOps Institute's "Upskilling IT" report launch. They began by crafting a compelling press release that effectively communicated the report's key findings and their significance for the IT industry. Next, the O8 team meticulously organized a targeted media list, ensuring it reached journalists and influencers covering IT trends and upskilling initiatives.

They then executed a three-pronged outreach campaign: first, engaging journalists with a pre-release call to pique their interest. This was followed by an email containing the official press release and offering an opportunity for a direct interview with the report's lead researcher. Finally, O8 reinforced their efforts with follow-up calls and emails, ensuring the report received the media attention it deserved.

The Results

O8's strategic PR efforts yielded impressive results for DevOps Institute. The O8 team meticulously crafted press releases, coupled with a targeted media outreach campaign to secure valuable press placements in a multitude of key industry publications. This widespread coverage not only generated significant buzz around the "Upskilling IT" report but also solidified DevOps Institute's position as a leading voice in the IT upskilling conversation.