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Expert HubSpot Onboarding and Training

HubSpot dashboarding, lead nurturing, and marketing automation

Introducing the Story of R3 Continuum

R3 is the leader in helping people and organizations recover, perform, and thrive by delivering rapid response and ongoing behavioral health support in the wake of workplace disruption, violence, critical incidents, and intensive stress.

At R3, we believe behavioral health is fundamental to workplace wellbeing, culture, and performance. It is also the key to resilient and thriving employees, organizations, and communities.

Too often, efforts to address the impact of workplace disruption and stress ignore the human behavioral health element — and in turn, erode the ability of leaders and teams to feel truly psychologically safe and resilient so they are empowered to do their best work. We are here to help.

For over thirty years, R3 has been the leader in providing the tailored behavioral health solutions organizations need to help people manage through workplace disruption and stress. Support includes disruption response and recovery, violence mitigation, leadership support, specialized behavioral health services, and more.

Our collaborative, compassionate, and caring approach empowers people and organizations to thrive and make tomorrow better than today.


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The Challenge

R3 faced a major challenge with their HubSpot onboarding and training. Despite having a dedicated in-house marketing team, HubSpot is such a robust platform that they wanted O8’s HubSpot Gold Partner-level expertise to fully leverage the platform for maximum results.

The Scope

R3 engaged O8 to provide comprehensive HubSpot onboarding and training. The scope of the project included a thorough analysis of R3's current setup, custom configuration recommendations, hands-on training for the entire marketing team, dashboarding, marketing automation, lead nurturing, and ongoing support.

Why R3 Chose O8

R3 chose O8 based on their reputation as a leading HubSpot Solutions Partner and their expertise in onboarding and training. O8 also hosted a Marketing Leaders Connect session with HubSpot’s partner go-to-market leader, and it helped R3 gain a deeper understanding of how powerful HubSpot can be as a business tool.

With a focus on delivering results, O8's approach to customer success was a perfect fit for R3's needs.

How O8 Responded

O8 quickly got to work, performing a thorough analysis of R3's current HubSpot setup and making recommendations for custom configurations. The O8 team then provided hands-on training for the entire R3 marketing team, covering everything from the basics to advanced tactics. Additionally, O8 provided ongoing support to ensure R3 was able to continue to effectively utilize HubSpot.

The Results

The results of O8's onboarding and training solution for R3 were dramatic. R3 saw a significant increase in platform utilization, leading to improved lead generation and conversion rates. The team was able to effectively leverage the full capabilities of HubSpot, leading to increased efficiency and overall success for the business. R3 was thrilled with the results and grateful for the expertise provided by O8.

R3C HubSpot Portfolio Image
R3C HubSpot Portfolio Image
Jamie Gassmann

“O8 is definitely an extension of my marketing team.”

Jamie Gassmann
VP of Marketing