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Custom HubSpot CMS & Web Development for VITALWorklife

UX, Web Design, and Content Development for Behavioral Health Organization 

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Introducing the Story of VITAL WorkLife

VITALWorkLife is a behavioral health consulting firm specializing in supporting the well-being of individuals and organizations, particularly within healthcare. Founded in 1982, originally as Midwest Professional Services, it has evolved to focus on employee assistance programs (EAP) and well-being resources tailored for healthcare professionals. The company offers a range of services, including counseling, coaching, and intervention designed to address professional burnout and improve overall well-being. VITALWorkLife has developed a significant presence in the healthcare sector, supporting thousands of healthcare workers and organizations, emphasizing a client-centric approach and continuous innovation in their solutions.​

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The Challenge

The challenge that VITAL WorkLife brought to O8 involved building a custom HubSpot Website theme, integrating their CMS and CRM with component-driven modules to balance flexibility, functionality, and usability for the VITAL team. This challenge required a deep understanding of both the web development environment and the organization’s specific needs using HubSpot.

The component-driven design mandated that each piece of the website—from navigation elements to content blocks—be modular and reusable, allowing for easy updates and consistent styling across different parts of the new website. Crafting these components required meticulous planning and execution to ensure they worked seamlessly within HubSpot’s unique environment, which can be both time-consuming and technically demanding. This modular setup also required supporting a wide range of content without sacrificing the site’s performance or user experience, necessitating a strategic design and careful integration of all branding elements.

The Scope

Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Data and Analytics,  HubSpot CMS Development,  HubSpot Support and Training, Content Development, UX, and Website Maintenance.

Why VITAL WorkLife Chose O8

VITAL WorkLife chose O8 to tackle the complex challenge of building their custom HubSpot theme and website due to a few key reasons. First was O8's proven track record and an established relationship marked by past successes. Recognized for their deep expertise in understanding client needs, the O8 team consisting of content, UX, and development specialists instilled confidence in the VITAL WorkLife team through their training, discovery, analysis, and proposal of a cost-effective yet robust solution.

This expertise was critical in bringing the required elements of user experience, content, design, and messaging to life, which was essential for elevating VITAL's rebrand and cohesive vision. O8's approach was particularly noted for its flexibility in incorporating client feedback seamlessly into the project. The O8 team excelled at taking existing concepts and ideas from the VITAL WorkLife team and integrating them into a final product to help reach their goals. Finally, through meticulous testing, O8 ensured the final product met and exceeded the initial expectations while providing the necessary training and support to the VITAL team. 

How O8 Responded

In response to VITAL WorkLife's needs, O8 undertook this comprehensive project to rebuild the entire custom HubSpot theme, encompassing 15+ pages across the website, optimized using best practices in UX, CRO, SEO, and responsive design. They expertly constructed and established component-driven templates and modules that streamlined VITAL WorkLife's web presence and internal operations, integrating these elements seamlessly into their existing systems.

This redesign also incorporated streamlining the content and customer relations using their CRM and CMS. Additionally, O8 enhanced VITAL WorkLife’s email and web automation capabilities, creating a more cohesive and responsive internal user experience. Importantly, the solution provided by O8 allowed for the reintegration of legacy content into the new theme, ensuring that valuable historical data was preserved and utilized effectively within the upgraded digital ecosystem. This approach facilitated a natural integration with their current systems, demonstrating O8's ability to align new technology implementations with existing operational frameworks and meet their clients’ goals. 

The Results

The results of O8's comprehensive redesign of VITAL WorkLife's website and CMS were highly positive and impactful. The new custom HubSpot theme, which included 15+ optimized pages, significantly improved the site's usability, search engine optimization, and conversion rates. By deploying component-driven templates and modules, O8 enabled VITAL WorkLife to achieve a more streamlined internal web management process, enhancing the user experience and internal operations.

Integrating CRM and CMS capabilities within the redesign made managing customer relations and content more fluid and effective. Email and web automation were also enhanced, creating a more cohesive and responsive communication strategy with clients and stakeholders. The ability to reintegrate legacy content into the new theme meant that no valuable historical data was lost. Instead, it was effectively utilized within the new, modern digital framework.

This holistic approach aligned with VITAL WorkLife’s current systems and supported their ongoing operational needs, demonstrating O8's commitment to delivering innovative solutions in harmony with existing client frameworks. The success of this project underscored O8's expertise in understanding and executing client goals, resulting in a robust digital solution that propelled VITAL WorkLife forward in its industry.

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Leigh Anne Godfrey, VITAL WorkLife

"I've been extremely happy with the strategic guidance and technical expertise provided by O8 in developing our paid search and paid social programs. They are a valued and trusted partner who is helping us meet our business objectives in a technically advanced and rapidly evolving space. I would recommend them without hesitation for their knowledge, high ongoing levels of customer service, and willingness to go above and beyond in meeting and exceeding our expectations."

Leigh Anne Godfrey
Senior Marketing Manager