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Modern inbound and outbound lead generation services for high-ticket, complex B2B sales

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Generating leads is the lifeblood of any B2B company, yet so many businesses find it challenging to attract and nurture high-quality leads. With so many platforms and strategies available, from email marketing and SEO to social media and PPC, choosing the right approach can be overwhelming. Without an effective lead generation strategy, your sales team may struggle to meet their targets, impacting your overall business growth.

Before diving deeper, it's essential to understand why this issue might be causing more pain than you realize:

  • Inconsistent Lead Quality: Despite extensive marketing efforts, the leads coming in are often unqualified or poorly aligned with your business goals, wasting valuable time and resources.
  • Overreliance on Outdated Techniques: Sticking to traditional methods like cold calling or mass emails without leveraging CRM optimization or lead nurturing can result in low conversion rates and high customer acquisition costs.
  • Technological Overwhelm: With a plethora of tools and platforms available, from Salesforce to LinkedIn lead generation tools, finding the right mix that integrates seamlessly with your existing workflows can be daunting.
  • Resource Intensity: Whether it’s in-house or outsourcing, managing lead generation campaigns effectively requires significant manpower and expertise, which can divert focus from core business activities.
  • Lack of Strategic Focus: Without a clear understanding of your ideal customer profile (ICP) and a data-driven approach to target market analysis, it's challenging to scale your outreach and meet the evolving demands of your target audience.
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Get to the Bottom of Your Pipeline Problems

Our Proven Lead Generation Process

Inbound Lead Generation

We build inbound growth engines that match modern buyer journeys.

O8 Inbound Growth Engine

Outbound Lead Generation

This is paired with outbound services that generate pipeline, increase lead volume, and improve deal closes from existing outbound efforts.

B2B LeadGen + ABM

High-Performance Lead Generation Results

Modern B2B lead generation isn't really lead generation at all — it's actually pipeline generation, which results in real, tangible revenue growth. Essentially, we build revenue engines that pay off in the short term but really start building major business and pipeline growth in the long term. 

If you sell high-ticket products or services and have a complex sales process, it's easy to be tempted by lead generation services that promise leads (and sales) immediately. In reality, today's B2B buyers are smarter, and they don't want to talk to salespeople. Cheap, short-term solutions will lead to the same subpar results, and they are usually a waste of your time and money.

  • Account-based marketing (ABM) strategy and implementation
  • Sales process consulting
  • SDR coaching
  • Transparency
  • Stable, high-quality lead flow
  • A recurring revenue engine rather than per-lead pricing
  • Targeting your ideal accounts
  • RevOps + revenue team unification 
  • Remove silos from your teams
Icon Strategy

Proven Process

We follow a proven process to deliver multi-year growth every time. This process is flexible based on your needs.

Inbound + Outbound

Every high-growth company has a solid mix of inbound and outbound go-to-market strategies. We pair both methodologies to drive higher lead volumes.

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Growth Machine

You need a strong inbound machine to provide fuel to your outbound efforts, such as inbound leads, company IP address identification, and retargeting audiences. 

O8 B2B Lead Generation Services

O8’s holistic pipeline generation process matches modern B2B needs for complex buying processes, combining the power of digital marketing and sales:

  • Buyer personas and ideal customer profile (ICP) definition
  • Buyer-focused messaging and asset development
  • Growth marketing
  • Demand generation
  • Search engine optimization for inbound
  • Paid advertising and media buying
  • ABM campaigns
  • Lead nurturing and scoring
  • Sales and marketing automation
  • CRM configuration, dashboards, and reporting
  • Unique value proposition development
  • Revenue Operations (RevOps)
  • Go-to-market strategy 
  • Sales consulting and pipeline analysis
  • Outbound pitch creation
  • LinkedIn organic and thought leadership strategies
  • Automated LinkedIn outreach campaigns
  • Sales coaching and fractional sales leadership
  • Outsourced SDR
  • Appointment setting and "warm" outbound calling (in select instances with a carefully-defined strategy, often paired with ABM)

The Lead Generation Approach

No matter where prospects are in their journey, we use the following tactics in a repeatable manner to meet their expectations and reinforce your lead gen strategy.  


Lead Awareness 

Combining digital marketing strategy, expert ad targeting, and proven inbound marketing and conversion techniques to grow your business.

Lead Nurturing 

Building trust in your products, services, solutions, and expertise through carefully crafted strategic content, events, and experiences.

Lead Scoring

Collecting, collating, and analyzing data to extract key insights on the most valuable leads to pursue while continually fine-tuning persona profiles.

Lead Conversion

Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) using top-of-the-line tools and cutting-edge neuromarketing techniques to turn your website visitors into generated leads.

Get to the Bottom of Your Pipeline Problems

The physician recruiting ads are providing us with 5-6 physician leads a week. Thank you for the expertise, it's working better than expected.

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Lead Generation Vs. Demand Generation

While similar, generating leads and creating demand are two different inbound marketing tactics that work toward distinct but closely unified goals.

At the top of your funnel, demand generation is a strategy to build your brand identity and reputation, creating a foundation of loyalty, trust, and education for long-term success. Lead Generation, however, focuses on capturing interest and targeting buyers to drive sales conversions in the short term. 

An underlying truth and key to success is that ultimately demand generation must generate leads, and the separation between the two strategies is artificial. Fewer leads will convert if your messaging, design, or other brand attributes are suboptimal, and so too will you have fewer leads if you generate less demand. We help you strike the delicate balance between the two, always prioritizing highest-impact strategies and solutions that will generate leads sooner rather than later.

Advanced Topics in B2B Lead Generation

1. Evaluating Lead Generation Companies: A Guide to Selecting Your Ideal Partner

Choosing the right lead generation company is crucial for ensuring a steady influx of high-quality leads. When evaluating potential providers, focus on their expertise in specific industries, such as SaaS or healthcare, where the nuances of the target market significantly influence lead generation strategies. Investigate their track record through case studies and testimonials to understand their capability in delivering sales leads that align with business goals. Additionally, assess their use of technology, particularly how they integrate CRM systems and automation to enhance lead qualification and follow-up processes.

2. Advanced Techniques in B2B Marketing for Generating Qualified Leads

In the realm of B2B marketing, generating qualified leads requires an innovative approach that transcends conventional tactics. Embrace strategies that leverage data-driven insights and real-time analytics to refine marketing efforts continuously. Explore the effectiveness of cold email campaigns, particularly in reaching decision-makers directly. Additionally, consider how account-based marketing (ABM) can target high-value companies with personalized marketing campaigns, significantly improving conversion rates and reducing the sales cycle.

3. The Role of Sales Reps in Converting Qualified Leads into Sales

Sales reps play a pivotal role in the lead generation process by converting qualified leads into actual sales. Effective training and seamless integration with marketing teams can enhance their understanding of the sales leads, enabling them to tailor their pitches according to the specific needs and pain points of each prospect. Furthermore, developing robust follow-up strategies that utilize insights from previous interactions can help maintain the interest of potential customers, increasing the likelihood of closing deals.

4. How Marketing Agencies Revolutionize Lead Generation for Healthcare Companies

Marketing agencies specializing in healthcare can significantly enhance lead generation efforts by understanding the unique challenges and regulatory environments of this sector. These agencies deploy specialized strategies that respect the sensitive nature of healthcare communications, focusing on trust and compliance. Techniques such as educational content marketing, targeted social media campaigns, and participation in healthcare-specific forums can attract highly qualified leads looking for solutions that meet very specific needs.

5. Utilizing Cold Email Strategies to Secure High-Value Sales Leads

Cold email remains a powerful tool for generating sales leads if executed correctly. Key elements of successful cold emailing include personalization, where emails address the recipient's specific challenges and opportunities, and ensuring high deliverability by adhering to email marketing best practices and regulations. Crafting messages that provide real value, such as industry insights or case studies, can also increase the response rates and engagement of potential customers.

6. Integrating SaaS Solutions with Your Lead Generation Strategy for Greater Efficiency

SaaS platforms can significantly streamline the lead generation process by automating repetitive tasks such as lead capture, scoring, and nurturing. By integrating these tools with existing marketing workflows, companies can maintain a consistent pipeline of leads while freeing up resources to focus on more strategic tasks. This integration also provides marketing teams with advanced metrics to measure the effectiveness of their campaigns and make data-driven decisions to optimize their marketing strategies.

7. Measuring the Success of Lead Generation Providers Using Key Performance Metrics

To truly assess the effectiveness of lead generation providers, businesses must track a variety of key performance metrics. Conversion rates, the ratio of qualified leads to the total leads generated, and the ROI of lead generation campaigns are essential indicators of success. Regularly reviewing these metrics allows companies to hold providers accountable and ensures that their marketing efforts align with broader business objectives, driving sustained growth and profitability.