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Data Migration into WordPress with Ecumen Senior Housing

Thorough web maintenance, web design, and data migration increase conversion rates

Ecumen Hero Image
Websites migrated to WordPress
Google analytics and data visualization with real- time reporting and dashboards
Display advertising as well as paid search and social to recruit medical staff
Ecumen ecommerce store designed and built

Introducing the Story of Ecumen

Ecumen is one of the United States' 3 most prominent non-profit senior housing companies. Ecumen has been providing for America’s senior population since 1862. The services the organization provides include many different forms of healthcare, including memory care, therapy, and more, housing, and hospice care. Ecumen works with individuals to make sure that their services are tailored to their specific needs, offering affordable and personalized experiences. Ecumen is also an opportunity for people to engage in volunteer service or work as a resident assistant, registered nurse, or another position that allows people to follow their passion for helping others.


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The Challenge

The main challenge for Ecumen was an expansive online presence of 28 individual websites. It was challenging and time-consuming to maintain such a high number of properties, as well as a web store. The project also had a quick turnaround and a hard deadline. Pieces of the project included the branding, the research, the e-commerce store, and twenty-eight websites, each with their own domains. The goal was to unify their websites and reduce costs.


Data migration, site design, site maintenance, performance evaluation (KPIs), digital strategy, targeted search advertisements, brand awareness,

Why Ecumen Chose O8

Ecumen Digital Marketing has been working with O8 for four years on various digital marketing-related projects. Before the pandemic began, Ecumen came to us for help in migrating their website’s data into WordPress so it would have better support. O8 has vast experience in data migration with both Drupal and WordPress, and was well-equipped to provide this service, along with fractional marketing support, to support Ecumen’s goals and mission.

How O8 Responded

O8 responded by thoroughly evaluating every Ecumen web page to ensure a smooth data migration. O8 worked both in-person and virtually on this project throughout the pandemic so the nonprofit could 5 continue to improve its online experience.

Throughout the process, O8 also provided other fractional marketing services, including further website redesign and maintenance, performance measurement, analytics, and market research. Additionally, O8 provided consulting on digital marketing strategies, insights, and resources so Ecumen would have more tools and resources at their disposal.

The Results

Thanks to working with O8, Ecumen’s website has been situated into WordPress. Their conversion rates for recruitment leads have also improved. They have already had new care providers in both Minnesota and Fargo click to apply for work positions at Ecumen. Furthermore, thanks to increased market research and insights from O8, Ecumen has more resources that they can utilize in a multitude of helpful ways. Ecumen has been set up for continued success in providing the senior population with a higher quality of life.


Increase in conversion rate

Improved web support with WordPress

Ecumen Website Screenshot
Ecumen Website Screenshot
Ecumen Website Screenshot
Senior Citizens in Assisted Living
Senior in Assisted Living


Increase in organic users