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Drupal 9 Migration For WatersEdge

Website migration for non-profit company

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About the Company

WatersEdge Ministry Services and WatersEdge Advisors are DBAs of The Baptist Foundation of Oklahoma. It is an incorporated trust agency of the Baptist General Convention of the State of Oklahoma with the purpose to receive and administer endowment gifts for Baptist causes and distributing the income therefrom to causes designated by the donors. In its capacity as trustee, it invests or manages assets, WatersEdge Ministry Services is The Baptist Foundation of Oklahoma's brand for church loan and investment services and ministry accounting services.


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Project Description

The O8 team will migrate the WatersEdge site to Drupal 9 and rebuild the current Webform using the Svelte JS framework for the front-end components. Drupal will be used for backend data management and modification of components. The rebuilt form will include a progress bar, new and more interactive tooltip elements, an email notification system with customizable options, form event triggers, and a fully responsive design for all elements and page layouts.