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Fractional Marketing Agency

Access a fully-staffed marketing team designed to help you scale fast without the risks, obligations, and costs of hiring full-time employees. 

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Expand Your Capabilities Without Expanding Your Overhead

Is Your Marketing Team Overwhelmed and Under-Resourced? Many businesses find their in-house marketing teams stretched thin, struggling to cover all aspects of digital marketing effectively. This often leads to: 

  • Not generating adequate levels of new business
  • A failure to capitalize on best practices and new trends due to limited bandwidth
  • Marketing team burnout

Feeling the Strain of Marketing Gaps? Imagine continuing on this path, where your current team is unable to keep up with the demands of content creation, SEO, testing, optimization, and other critical marketing functions. 

Without the necessary resources, expertise, and brainpower, your business could fall behind competitors, miss out on potential revenue, and suffer from a diluted brand presence.

Your Fractional Marketing Team

Seth headshot

Seth Viebrock

CEO and Marketing Engineer

Minneapolis, Minnesota

Alison LaPoint Krahn

Alison LaPoint Krahn

VP, Client Experience

Minneapolis, Minnesota

Karen headshot

Karen Pomazal

VP, Client Strategy + Marketing

Naperville, Illinois

Andy headshot

Andy Keith

VP, Digital Marketing

St. Louis Park, Minnesota

Becky headshot

Becky Inglis

Director, Project Management

Boise, Idaho

Patrick headshot

Patrick Hinchcliff

Development Lead

Denver, Colorado

Danielle Ruess-Saltz

Danielle Ruess-Saltz

Fractional CMO

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Tom Headrick headshot

Tom Hedrick

Director, Digital Strategy

Minneapolis, Minnesota


Sam Hollis

User Experience Lead

Delray Beach, Florida

Nate McBride headshot

Nate McBride

Content Director

Los Angeles, California


Barbara Davis Haas

Graphic Designer

Mundelein, Illinois

Phil Cave

Phil Cave

Global CRO Expert

Stockbridge, England, United Kingdom

Why Brands Choose O8 as a Fractional Marketing Agency

O8 has been a leader in fractional marketing services since 2018. In fact, we very may have invented the "fractional marketing" concept. As a company, we've been around since 2010.


David Wargin

...we continue to rely on O8 for their professionalism, expertise and long-term support. They are a valued partner and, in our view, an extension of our marketing team.

David Wargin
Leigh Anne Godfrey, VITAL WorkLife testimonial

Your knowledge, skill, and flexibility are amazing. You are truly an extension of our marketing team, allowing us to do so much more than we could on our own. We love working with you and look forward to doing so for years to come.

Leigh Anne Godfrey
Senior Marketing Manager

Fuel Growth With an On-Demand Fractional Team

We augment your team with ours, filling gaps in the following roles at a fraction of the cost of full-time employees:


  • Certain CMO functions (or add on a fractional CMO )
  • Marketing Strategist
  • Marketing Data Architect
  • CRM + Automation Expert
  • ABM Specialist 
  • SEO Specialist 
  • Paid Advertising Specialist 
  • Content Strategist 
  • Graphic Designer 


  • Chief Sales Officer (CSO)
  • Sales Coach
  • Appointment Setter
  • LinkedIn Organic Producer
  • Outbound LinkedIn Rep
  • Social Selling Rep
  • Sales Enablement


  • Chief Technical Officer (CTO)
  • Technical PM
  • Lead Technical Architect
  • User Experience Designer 
  • Web Designer 
  • Front-end Developer 
  • Back-end Developer
  • Data and Analytics Expert
  • CRM Integration Specialist

Fractional marketing teams are 2x to 5x less costly than hiring full-time employees for the same skillsets.

Fractional team icon

Fractional Growth Team

Fulltime hires icon

Full-Time Hires (FTE)

Marketing Team Cost

$68k-$102k per year

2 to 4 experts with varying skill sets

$250k-$500k per year

2 to 4 Full Time Employees

Marketing + Tech Team Cost

$102k-$136k per year

4 to 8 experts with varying skill sets

$500k-$1M per year

4 to 8 Full Time Employees

Benefit Analysis

+ Low Overhead: No benefits, payroll taxes, PTO, employee infrastructure, office, etc.

+ Fast ramp-up: Able and accustomed to quickly adapting to new environments.

+ Flexibility: Month-to-Month Contract. Pause or unpause. Scale up or down on hours.

+ Autonomous: Project and team member management done for you.

+ Powerful Team: Fast execution, redundancy, shared brain power, strategic thinking, and new ideas.

+ Reliable: Track record of success and industry expertise. Low turnover. Strong culture.

- Costly Overhead: You pay for benefits, payroll taxes, PTO, employee infrastructure, office, etc.

- Slower ramp-up: Interviews, onboarding, and less accustomed to quickly getting up-to-speed.

- Less Flexibility: If you're not satisfied with your new hire it's more difficult to change course.

- Not autonomous: You have to manage projects and team members.

- Less Powerful Team: Unless you have a very large enterprise-level marketing team, you likely have gaps in expertise and even team dynamics.

- Less reliable: Underperformance, employee churn, lack of strategic thinking, team member burnout.

Proven ROIYesMaybe
Onboarding TimeDaysMonths
Icon Strategy

Save Time 

Skip the lengthy recruiting and onboarding processes and go straight to doing the work. Get strategic marketing or technical executives with hands-on experience ready to start working within days. You don't have months to waste getting a new hire up to speed with no promise of ROI. Invest in what works. 

Icon Team

Save Money

Fill gaps in your marketing or technical talent without paying a full-time salary and the additional costs you incur. Pay month-to-month for precisely what you need when you need it. Don't pay $250K-$500k a year for one or two potential experts when you can enlist a seasoned team of veterans for $102k-$136k.

Icon Rocket Launch

Tap Deep Expertise 

Narrow internal thinking can limit your potential and growth. Fractional marketing lends fresh perspectives, agility, and depth to drive results. With a team of self-managing, expert-level marketers, you get a dedicated peer group bringing new tools and ideas to evolve your work and customer relationships.

David Wargin

...we continue to rely on O8 for their professionalism, expertise and long-term support. They are a valued partner and, in our view, an extension of our marketing team.

David Wargin

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Frequently Asked Questions

A: Except in cases of severe underperformance, we generally do not replace existing team members. We are guides and coaches who are there to have your back — we enhance your existing team and make you more effective and better marketers.

The marketers we work with have crucial institutional knowledge and business context that we simply need. Ultimately, the marketers we work with experience greater success and more work-life balance when working with us.

A: Outsourcing can lead to inefficiencies, gaps in communication, minimal visibility, and poor results. Fractional marketing is like "near-sourcing" or “in-sourcing. We collaborate, meet frequently, share results, and channel the power of a whole agency toward your growth and success.

You are working with the best of the best — industry veterans — which means the quality is exponentially better than outsourcing.

A: Great! Many of our clients do. We actually can't / won't replace all of the duties of a CMO, such as their deep integration with your executive team, budgeting and finance-related duties, leadership and culture building, etc.

We realize you may have some of these roles in place, but unless you are an extremely mature organization with a full-fledged marketing team covering all 18 roles of a fully-outfitted marketing department, it usually makes sense to hire a fractional team to supplement and fill in the gaps.

A: There are several reasons why you might choose a fractional marketing team over a traditional agency, depending on your specific needs and company context. Here are some key advantages:


  • Pay for what you need: With a fractional team, you only pay for the hours or scope of the project you require, making it more budget-friendly than retaining a full-service agency with higher overhead costs.
  • No long-term commitments: You can scale the team up or down quickly based on your needs, avoiding the long-term contracts and minimum retainers often associated with agencies.

Agility and flexibility:

  • Tailored expertise: You can assemble a team with the specific skillsets and experience you need for your particular project or campaign, rather than relying on an agency's pre-determined set of services.
  • Direct relationship and collaboration: You have closer access and communication with the team members, fostering a more collaborative and integrated approach to marketing.

Focus and customization:

  • Deep understanding of your business: A smaller team can become more immersed in your company culture and goals, leading to more targeted and personalized marketing strategies.
  • Greater control and responsiveness: You have more direct control over the project direction and can easily adapt to changing market conditions or campaign performance.

Additional benefits:

  • Fresh perspectives and innovation: Fractional teams often bring diverse experiences and innovative approaches to the table, challenging existing assumptions and driving creative solutions.
  • Reduced internal burden: You can offload specific tasks and projects to the team, freeing up your internal marketing resources for other priorities.

A: As digital marketing gets more technical and complex, marketers are wearing too many hats. They can't possibly wear all of them, and it's painful to wear more than a few. This leads to burn-out, sub-par results, and marketing that just plain doesn't work. One person can't know and do everything.

Additionally, hiring another full-time marketer has several drawbacks:

  • High cost: You'll be responsible for salary, benefits, payroll taxes, and other overhead costs, typically making it a more expensive option than a fractional team.
  • Finding the right fit: Hiring the right person with the appropriate skill set and experience can be time-consuming and challenging.
  • Under-utilization of skills: If your marketing needs are not constant, a full-time employee might spend time on tasks that don't fully utilize their skills, leading to inefficiency.

Our fractional marketing team model has several benefits compared to hiring an FTE:

  • Cost-effective: You only pay for the hours or project scope you need, making it a more budget-friendly option, especially for short-term projects or smaller marketing budgets.
  • Access to specialized expertise: You can choose the specific skills and experience you need for your project or campaign, even if those skills are not readily available in-house.
  • Flexibility and scalability: You can easily adjust the team size and services based on your changing needs, avoiding the commitment of a full-time employee.