Technical and Nontechnical Training for Drupal and WordPress

  • Technical Training Via Mentored Sprints

    You’re technical, and you want to get your hands dirty. We get it — we’re that way, too. We use a “mentored sprints” model of training, which is the same strategy that has been applied at hackathons and various open source software conferences. Let’s build something, together, so that you not only get training but a useable end-result.

  • Nontechnical Training

    We believe that training should be customized to your unique website and digital ecosystem, because no two are the same. You don’t want to spend time on generic training materials, and you want us to know your digital presence inside out. We’re here for exactly that.

  • Why Choose Us For Your Training Needs

    We are a highly technical team with thousands of hours of experience training clients, helping them Do The Right Thing, The Right Way, in a manner that both delights and informs them in ways that matter to their businesses and institutions. We know digital marketing — SEO, paid advertising, CRO, the full gamut — so we don’t train you like robots, we train you like businesspeople with a job to do.


Learning by Doing: Mentored Sprints (For Technical People)

We believe the best technical learning happens when everyone is actively working in a team towards a common goal, learning by doing, producing tangible results and in-house knowledge of what is being built.

When learning a platform like Drupal or WordPress, and especially when considering the build of a platform of which you want to take ownership in-house, a mentored sprint model is ideal. In this model, we do not attempt to take the place of self-study from the multitude of information online at and instructional sites such as, but rather guide that study by daily Scrum-style meetings, bi-weekly sprint planning and review meetings, and task-based support requests.

This mentored sprint model is used at Drupal and WordPress conferences, which many of our team members have attended and found very useful. We also use it with our clients, who often have an in-house developer who is not at all or less familiar with Drupal or WordPress, needs best practice advice, guidance, support, and the ability to delegate.

Rather than trying to pack 8 hours of intensive learning into each day, we find it’s best to dedicate about one hour daily to a Scrum-style meeting, and the rest of the day to self-study, working on tangible outcomes, and sending adhoc questions and support requests for our team. We also recognize that you have an existing platform to support, meetings, and other job-related duties, which this won’t interrupt.

Highly Customized Training (For Non-technical People)

As a non-technical stakeholder in your web presence, do you want to learn from generic Drupal instructional videos or coursework packages? Do you enjoy reading and referencing training manuals or stale digital courses?

Not many people answer these questions affirmatively, because they don’t apply to your specific website and digital ecosystem. We take time to do a thorough discovery of your existing ecosystem, or, if building out a new one, involve you and your team in the production so that you are learning as it is being created.

We do screen shares, answering questions as they arise over Slack and Zoom video conference calls. For very complex situations, we can definitely do training at scale, producing eLearning libraries and lessons. However, for the majority of situations, we find that dynamic, co-created, just-in-time training is far superior to stale video, text, and course libraries.

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