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AI Marketing Tools: Review

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Shree Goldman
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Shree Goldman
Director, Digital Marketing
O8's AI Marketing Tool Reviews

If there’s one thing digital marketers don’t have, it’s enough time. The quest for tools that promise and deliver on measurable growth, efficiency, and quality gains for marketing and sales teams is relentless. Now that artificial intelligence (AI) has emerged as a game-changing resource, it’s unlocking unprecedented potential for skilled marketers to innovate, personalize, and optimize campaigns like never before. Thanks to AI tools, the combination of automation and content creation allows us, even beginners, to produce quality content quickly.

"More than 80% of industry experts integrate some form of AI technology into their online marketing activities." (Hubspot)

If you’re not already familiar, is emerging as a strong productivity contender, boasting an AI framework that is revolutionizing the time-consuming and often tedious work of creating a presentation. It appears to run off its own custom platform, shirking the popular ChatGPT as the language learning model. It’s easy to generate working presentations, documents, or webpages that can be customized, duplicated and edited right through the app. It runs off AI credits that you can purchase and receive by referring others to the app. But Is it really as good as it claims to be? 

Let’s dive into some of’s functionality and capabilities, assessing its strengths and areas where it falls short to give you an honest review.


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Key Features and Benefits

As a general overview, the was specifically designed as a user-friendly tool that can help you create professional-looking presentations, documents, and web pages without the need for a lot of design experience. We uploaded a text-dense Google Slides presentation for this assessment to see how it transforms into a functionally beautiful presentation. 

To get started, you can upload a file, generate a presentation from a text input, or give its AI a general direction and run with that.

Through this process, it’s actively helping marketers:

  • Boost Productivity: Gamma's prowess in accelerating content creation is undeniable, offering a fast track to generating presentations and even fixing up old ones to align with updated brand messaging and strategies. It imports clearly and accurately, making it easy to edit, rearrange, and enhance with AI before you even get to any visual formatting. Then you pick a theme or create a custom one, and you’re in the presentation, ready to edit. You pick or upload custom fonts, logos, layout standards and more, all within the AI app.


  • Overcome Creative Blocks: The app's ability to dispel the dreaded creative block with content suggestions and creative prompts is a big asset. You can easily test out different layouts of the information without spending time moving finicky pieces of data and text around a slide. With just a “+++” after any text, the AI will complete sentences and do research that I’ve found to be on par with some free GPTs. AI images can also be generated right within the app, making this a really convenient combination of written content, image generation, and design almost on autopilot.


  • Enhance Visual Appeal & Branding: Gamma excels in crafting visually appealing and brand-consistent content effortlessly. This part was just as easy as everything else so far. We added our agency branding and made some quick adjustments. The theme was then applied to the whole document while still allowing the opportunity to tweak and fine-tune individual slides.


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  • Batch Content Creation: Besides the obvious increase in efficiency, there is huge potential in simple personalizations/variations. It's easy to create the base template, create as many copies as you want, and use AI to change certain elements. This would be great for small businesses, especially those who want to give the illusion of in-depth personalization but without the hassle and manual work.


Gamma's Limitations

  • Editing and Control: As with any automated tool, it's important to recognize that its outputs will not be perfect without some human intervention. While Gamma significantly reduces the time and effort involved in generating content, its products often require a human touch to refine and personalize. This might mean tweaking a headline, adjusting an image, or rephrasing copy to better align with what you had in mind. Another key limitation is that Gamma (at this point) does not offer the granular control over design elements that can be produced by a graphic designer. This means you might need to invest some extra time in editing and customizing your documents.


  • Learning Curve: Like any new tool, Gamma has its own complexities. Even the most intuitive of tools, and this is one of them, takes a bit of reading or a video tutorial to understand completely. In Gamma's case, the learning curve is manageable, but it's something to be mindful of if you're looking to integrate Gamma into your workflow smoothly and quickly. 


Depending on your use case and what you want from Gamma, I think it's a great tool that will help marketers produce great content. It's easy to see how it can be used to design a host of other content as well - social posts, visual blogs, and even quick mockups for ads and images. There are some basic built-in analytics in it as well that help you see who is viewing the content, how they’re interacting with it, and more. As far as a presentation maker goes, I find the customizable elements intuitive and easy to learn, the creation process streamlined across multiple stakeholders, and the pricing to be genuinely affordable and worth the leap at $20 per month for paid, with a free version available as well.

However, as with all AI and new tools, it's important to remember that this is not a replacement for human creativity and strategic insight. Instead, it's a powerful ally that can enhance our capabilities. Don't get too caught up in the quick results– remember that marketing is about creating meaningful connections with the audience. When you use it to quickly create material using your marketing knowledge and background, you'll get an incredible way to save time and wow your stakeholders.

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