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B2B Lead Generation for R3c

Holistic Growth Marketing Strategy and Execution for Behavioral Health Organization  

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Introducing the Story of R3

R3 Continuum (R3) is an industry leader in providing tailored behavioral health solutions to organizations to help people manage the impact of workplace disruption and stress. The support R3 provides includes disruption response and recovery, violence mitigation, leadership support, resilience training, and other specialized behavioral health services, helping people feel psychologically safe, happy, resilient, and empowered to do their best work. 

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The Challenge

The challenge involved helping R3 measurably increase brand awareness, site traffic, and engagement to target and convert more viable leads based on search intent and their ideal client profile (ICP). This challenge also involved aligning sales and marketing teams with automation tools and technology to enhance lead nurturing and deal attribution success. 

The Scope

Growth Marketing, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), B2B Lead Generation, Data and Analytics, HubSpot Support and Training, Content Development, Paid Media, and Website Maintenance.

Why R3 Chose O8

R3 selected O8 for this engagement for a few key reasons. Foremost, they sought an expert technical partner and cross-functional team who deeply understood their mission and excelled at data-driven lead gen strategies to maximize ROI.

This was supported by O8's proven track record of success in preceding engagements, driving predictable growth with a keen ability to separate fact from opinion, dismiss assumptions, and elevate growth marketing and lead generation strategies to reach organizational goals.

Building upon a strong relationship of trust and experience in adjacent healthcare industry verticals, this approach to maximizing investment using a holistic lead-gen strategy, channeling marketing efforts and cash into what works best rather than taking shots in the dark also played a significant role in R3's ultimate decision to partner with O8. 

How O8 Responded

O8 responded with a holistic go-to-market approach and repeatable process that involved continually refining ads and landing pages while producing optimized content to increase site traffic, engagement, and leads quantifiably.  This came after an internal website redesign by the client, where O8 reinforced website and SEO standards based on a new design. 

Working in agile 2-week sprints, O8 was then able to execute technical and on-page search engine optimization (SEO) and user experience (UX) enhancements, using regular analytic and heat map reports to inform data-driven decisions, all while ensuring effective web maintenance and efficient use of HubSpot to track, score, and nurture qualified leads.  

These efforts allowed O8 to help R3 narrow and refine its targeting approach to connect with new audiences, improving the quality and delivery of lead gen assets to delight the right prospects at the right time to push them through the funnel.   

While simultaneously developing and executing this growth marketing and lead gen strategy, the O8 team continues to provide website technical maintenance, including security updates, plug-in management, and other site enhancements to ensure the R3c website lives and functions as a crucial lead generation tool in this holistic approach.  

The Results

R3 partnered with O8 to achieve significant growth in brand awareness, website traffic, lead generation, and ultimately, close deals. Here's a breakdown of the key results achieved:

Website Traffic:

  • 150% increase in inbound traffic, demonstrating the effectiveness of O8's holistic growth marketing strategy.
  • Highest recorded inbound leads in a single month: 11, showcasing the improved lead generation efforts.

Lead Generation:

  • 91 total leads generated through paid search effort.
  • Conversion rate of 7.6%, indicating effective landing pages and lead capture forms.

Closed Deals:

  • 9 new deals closed, representing a significant increase in sales conversions.
  • This resulted in a significant revenue increase, directly attributable to the successful lead generation and nurturing efforts.

Additional Highlights:

  • Improved targeting: O8 helped R3 refine its targeting approach to reach the right audience, leading to higher-quality leads.
  • Content optimization: O8 developed and optimized content to attract and engage website visitors, driving conversions.
  • HubSpot utilization: O8 effectively leveraged HubSpot to track, score, and nurture leads, ensuring efficient lead management.
  • Website maintenance: Ongoing technical maintenance ensured the website functioned optimally as a lead generation tool.

Overall, O8's holistic growth marketing strategy helped R3 achieve significant results in website traffic, lead generation, and closed deals. Further demonstrating the value of a data-driven approach, focusing on content optimization, targeted advertising, and effective lead nurturing.

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Jamie Gassmann

“The Google ad shift that you recommended was genius. It's working fabulously. We're getting 1-2 downloads a day."

"O8 understands how to tell our story and write for conversions. People are opening the emails - there's a 40% click-through rate. It's working!"

Jamie Gassmann
VP, Marketing