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User Experience (UX) Improvements for Mednition’s Home Page

A Collaboration to Create a Sleek, User-Friendly Homepage for an Improved Customer Journey

Mednition's homepage

Introducing the Story of Mednition

Mednition offers an artificial intelligence (AI)-based platform that helps emergency department nurses triage patients and catch complex diagnoses like sepsis. 

Mednition was developed to harness the power of natural language and machine learning technologies to serve humanity and children who have been misdiagnosed. The platform, called KATE is engineered to help clinicians make better, more informed decisions at the point of care. KATE empowers nurses to help them do their extraordinarily difficult jobs, providing a data-calibrated safety net. KATE is there to help them understand the impact of decisions about care on individuals, populations, and organizations.


Mednition Logo

The Challenge

Mednition had the opportunity to showcase KATE and describe what the tool does, who it helps, and how it works. O8 built on Mednition’s existing homepage by adding brand storytelling, compelling graphics, additional white space, persuasive content, calls to action, and a thoughtful client journey. 

The Scope

The scope of the project included conducting a comprehensive analysis of Mednition's current homepage, understanding user behaviors and preferences, creating a new homepage design, and implementing the new design. The goal was to create a homepage that was easy to navigate, visually appealing, and tells the brand story.

Why Mednition Chose O8

Mednition chose O8 thanks to its extensive expertise in user-centered design. Mednition was not looking for a rebranding; they wanted to make data-driven decisions about the front page of their website, which is a critical business asset. 

O8 has a proven track record of delivering high-quality, user-friendly websites that drive results. Mednition trusted O8 to help them create a homepage that would set them apart from the competition and provide a better user experience.

How O8 Responded

User Experience (UX) Strategy

O8 responded by first conducting a thorough analysis of Mednition's current homepage and understanding their goals for the update.

Page Design

The team then created a new homepage design that was beautiful, provided an excellent user experience, and introduced the story of KATE. The design was then implemented and tested to ensure it met Mednition's goals.

Test, Measure, Iterate

O8 used HotJar data to understand how people interact with the Medntion site. Heatmaps and user recordings help to make data-driven decisions:

  • Opportunities for optimization
  • Client experience gaps
  • Prioritized site updates

The Results

The results of the project were overwhelmingly positive. Mednition's new homepage was received with high praise from both customers and leadership. This new homepage has helped Mednition attract new customers and retain existing ones, supporting the fast-growing business.

Ryan Kuriakose

"You guys have been great to brainstorm with and have been very efficient with deliverables. Thank you all for your hard work to help tighten the messaging! It has gone a long way!"

Ryan Kuriakose
Marketing Lead