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Physician Recruiting Using Digital Marketing Strategies

Digital Marketing Tactics Translate to Smart Physician Recruitment

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Introducing the Story of Premier Radiology Services

Founded in 2006, Premier Radiology Services is one of the top independent teleradiology solutions in the United States. Formed by bringing together U.S. Board-certified, fellowship-trained teleradiologists, and cutting-edge technology, Premier serves healthcare providers and patients by solving the gaps and inefficiencies that have long been persistent in the field of radiology. Premier’s teleradiology solution is an efficient, secure, and highly-accurate system for reliable readings. With Premier’s continuity of care and less than one-hour average turnaround times, doctors can deliver “direction of care” quickly to patients. 

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The Challenge

Recruiting Physicians Due to Growth

During the pandemic, the fast-growing field of teleradiology grew exponentially, and Premier Radiology Services' reputation for outstanding quality and service ensured that they would be completing thousands of x-ray interpretations every single day. To keep up with demand, they needed to hire additional physicians. However, physician recruitment is a slow and expensive process. 


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Why Premier Radiology Services Chose O8

Premier Radiology Services initially engaged with O8 to enhance the company’s lead generation strategies. The partnership soon expanded to include website UX and client journey strategy, public relations support, and other fractional marketing services to support Premier’s growth. Premier was so successful, in fact, that they needed to hire additional teleradiologists to keep up with the demand.

How O8 Responded

O8 recommended using digital marketing strategies in an effort to recruit additional teleradiologists. Specifically, digital marketing tactics included paid social media placements on LinkedIn, including expert targeting and measurement.

Additionally, O8 provided client journey and user experience (UX) improvements on the Premier Radiology Services website – including the homepage, careers page, and physician recruiting page. 

Finally, O8 set up Premier Radiology on the HubSpot customer relationship management (CRM) platform. Connecting the LinkedIn form to HubSpot provided a database of radiologists, a dashboard to keep track of applicants, and an automated workflow to send emails to the candidates.

The Results

Premier Radiology Services used O8’s digital marketing strategy and targeting expertise, client journey and UX knowledge, and HubSpot Gold Partner status to grow its physician recruiting candidate pipeline and pool of experienced teleradiologists. 

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Ryan Furlough, Chief Operating Officer, Premier Radiology Services

“The physician recruiting ads are providing us with 5-6 physician leads a week. Thank you for the expertise, it's working better than expected."

Ryan Furlough
Chief Operating Officer