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Premier Radiology Press Release Strategy and Writing Services

Press Release Strategy, Release, and Analytics Solution Gains Headlines Ahead of Major Trade Show

Premier Radiology
Collaboration with Premier Radiology and Blackford Analysis
Attendees at the RSNA event received the release
Placement in Yahoo Finance and others

Introducing the Story of Premier Radiology Services

Premier Radiology Services is a leading teleradiology provider that delivers high-quality diagnostic X-ray reads to medical providers across the country. Founded in 2006, Premier Radiology Services is one of the top independent teleradiology solutions in the United States. 

Premier’s teleradiology solution is an efficient, secure, and highly accurate system for reliable readings. With Premier’s continuity of care and less than one-hour average turnaround times, doctors can deliver “direction of care” quickly to patients.

The Challenge

Premier Radiology Services provides cutting-edge, technology-forward solutions and wanted to deliver its brand story and latest partnership ahead of the Radiological Society of North America (RSNA)’s massive annual trade show event in Chicago.  


To address this challenge, O8 was hired to revamp Premier Radiology's press release strategy and improve its communication efforts. O8's scope of work included:

  • Strategic discussions
  • Interviewing client and partner executives and physicians
  • Press release writing
  • Search engine optimization (SEO)
  • Sending via the wires ahead of the RSNA conference 
  • Posting it on the Premier Radiology website
  • Data and analytics

Why Premier Radiology chose O8

Premier Radiology chose O8 for our expertise in the healthcare industry and our proven track record of delivering results for our clients. They were impressed by O8's outstanding in-house writing capabilities and professionalism with their partners’ executives and physicians.

How O8 Responded

O8 started by conducting a comprehensive analysis of Premier Radiology's current press releases and identifying areas for improvement. Based on the findings, O8 developed a customized strategy that focused on highlighting the unique qualities and achievements of Premier Radiology. The new strategy included the use of compelling headlines, clear and concise language, and a focus on key messages that resonated with Premier Radiology's target audience.


The Results

The implementation of O8's strategy resulted in a significant improvement in the impact and visibility of Premier Radiology's press releases. The company's press releases received widespread media coverage, increasing their public visibility and helping them achieve their communication goals. The improved press releases also helped Premier Radiology establish a stronger brand reputation and reach a wider audience.


Collaboration with Premier Radiology and Blackford Analysis


Attendees at the RSNA event received the release

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Premier Radiology Article
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Premier Radiology News Article
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Placement in Yahoo Finance and others

Ryan Furlough, Chief Operating Officer, Premier Radiology Services

"The physician recruiting ads are providing us with 5-6 physician leads a week. Thank you for the expertise, it's working better than expected."

Ryan Furlough