Independent research firm, Clutch, rates O8 as a firm that delivers. The Washington, D.C. based company evaluates digital agencies to identify the best of the best. Their research is based on a wide range of quantitative and qualitative factors that explore services provided, companies served, and—most importantly—independently conducted client reviews.

O8 has been helping client partners succeed since 2010, and we’ve proven ourselves as experts in open source development, including Drupal and WordPress. We are a full-service, integrated solutions provider for web, app and mobile development with top-level experience in higher education, government, nonprofit organizations and private industry.

Favorable client testimonials gathered by Clutch identify O8 as a leading service provider that is easy to work with, flexible, and with expert knowledge:

A state university said, “They’ve been able to deal with all of the challenges and limitations we’ve thrown their way. They’ve been completely open and willing to work within our constraints.”

A world-renowned educational/arts academy described the working partnership as, “… a very intuitive and consultative relationship.”

Another client; a national non-profit organization, recognized that “… they have a very deep knowledge base of all things related to Drupal.”

As a company, O8 is on a mission to provide world-class service to all the organizations we work with. We are based in Minneapolis, but we serve clients across the country and overseas. Currently, we are expanding into New York with offices in Ithaca and the Hudson River Valley where we are proud to be able to offer the services of award-winning caliber staff.

Interested in learning more about the services we provide? We invite you to visit our Clutch profile, then give us a call to see how we might help you with your next project.

Contact us for a free consultation at 612-276-5880.


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