Outsourcing Is Not the Best Answer

When trying to save costs, it can be tempting to consider outsourcing in order to reduce costs. While that can work in some areas of your business operations, it can be a disaster for your marketing department. There is actually an alternative called "nearsourcing" that can help your marketing team adapt, thrive, and drive ROI during uncertain times.  

While nearsourcing can reduce costs as you scale and grow by avoiding or delaying the need for new hires, it can also be used to fill gaps if you do have to reduce or furlough staff in order to cut costs during these difficult times.

Outsourcing: The Quality Factor

It is difficult to tell which outsourcing companies provide quality, and at what standards. Low-quality standards could harm your brand if not attained. Furthermore, cost-benefit and ROI questions are sometimes difficult to answer. 

Have you ever tried to outsource paid advertising to a consultant or company without a firm grasp of the English language, let alone storytelling, advertising principles, creative design, and other must-haves for a successful ad that doesn’t just completely waste ad dollars? If so, you understand the huge risk of lower quality standards in outsourcing.

Multiple Vendors Can Be Just as Bad as Outsourcing

We have seen companies fire entire marketing teams because they outsourced so much of the work to vendors. These vendors rarely communicate and share knowledge, let alone act as a true extension of your team.

This causes inefficiency to skyrocket, results to plummet, and costs to soar. At a certain point, the CEO asks the marketing team, "what are you actually doing here?"

We call this inefficiency "vendor spaghetti." Nearsourcing with a fractional team is the best solution to vendor spaghetti.   

Nearsourcing with Fractional Teams: The Intelligent Alternative

Nearsourcing doesn't pull business-critical operations or components out of your company and hand it over to someone else – instead, it enhances and amplifies what you already have. Outsourcing is usually focused on reducing costs rather than amplifying your growth as a company. Think of it as a "fractional team" that you bring in to extend or fill gaps in your existing team.

You’ve probably heard the term “fractional” as in “fractional CMO.” However, a fractional CMO does not have this team at their disposal (unless they work with us). They usually hire contractors and others to fill in the gaps, but those people (1) don’t know you, (2) don’t know each other, (3) are generally much less efficient than a team, and (4) don’t share the same knowledge, processes, and desire to serve you.

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What Does an Ideal Marketing Team Look Like?

The ideal marketing team for modern companies is made up of at least 18 roles. Yes: 18 hats, 18 people, 18 salaries. Of course, that's expensive and often unrealistic for most companies. These are the roles of an ideal modern marketing team:

  • CMO / VP of Marketing
  • CTO / Chief Technical Strategist
  • Business Analyst
  • Data Scientist and Analyst 
  • Marketing Manager (to manage the marketing team)
  • Lead Marketing Strategist
  • SEO and Analytics Expert
  • Paid Advertising Specialist
  • CRO expert 
  • Copywriter (trained in CRO)
  • Graphic Designer (for marketing materials)
  • Technical PM (to manage the development team)
  • Lead Technical Architect
  • User Experience Designer
  • Web Designer
  • Front-end Developer 
  • Back-end Developer
  • CRM Specialist and Integration Expert

That's why a fractional marketing team can make sense.

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Common Questions

But I already have a CMO or some of these other roles filled

Great! Many of our clients do. But unless you are already a team of 16 or 17 and are hiring to complete the final roles, it makes more financial and functional sense to hire a fractional team.

Why can’t I just hire another marketer? 

Marketers these days are feeling the burn as digital marketing gets more and more complex. They are being asked to wear so many hats, and it’s impossible for them to wear all 18, and painful to wear more than a few. This leads to burn-out and sub-par results. 

As a marketer, I feel threatened! 

We are here to have your back. The people we work with every day are marketers. We work for them, alongside them, with them, and even befriend them. 

We don’t replace any of your existing marketing team — rather, we multiply their brainpower, capacity, abilities, and actually make them more relevant and effective at their jobs. 

If anything, we keep the threat of upper management at bay because you start producing better results by working with us! As a company grows, they do bring some of these roles in-house, and that’s ok and we are happy for them when they do!

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