It is well understood that over 50% of IT projects fail as a direct result of poor project management practices. That is why on every O8 project we have a Project Manager to better facilitate, communicate and guarantee success. With an O8 technical PM on the job, problems are dealt with quickly - from identifying when a developer needs help to make sure that we meet the expectations of our client partners throughout the project life-cycle. This assures that the project’s budget is always aligned to the highest priority issues.

What will a Project Manager do for your next project?

Their job starts with assembling a great team with the skills needed to match the best solutions to a particular project brief. An O8 PM makes certain that the team has what they need to perform their best on behalf of the client's goals. But there this more. A Project Manager:

  • Resources projects with skills needed through the evolving project lifecycle
  • Translates client requests into actionable tasks
  • Protects developer focus
  • Monitors the scope of work and budget to fulfill (and hopefully exceed) the client's expectations
  • Identifies gaps in information that puts projects at risk

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A qualified PM is just one part of the O8 team. Our company is comprised of a committed staff who appreciates a high-quality work environment. Our team values the expert-level nature of everything we do, from our infrastructure to our planning and processes to the final solutions that we build together. We are personable people who care about our clients, the quality of our solutions and each other. If you need an IT, web design, or digital marketing project done on time and on budget, contact us now!

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