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Why Are Companies Upgrading To Drupal 8 And Who Are They?

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Drupal 8 has more than 200 features and improvements

The Drupal 8 website building technology is getting a lot of traction from companies across business, nonprofit, financial, education and other sectors because of compelling upgrades that improve the software’s flexibility, ease of use and functionality.

Drupal is an open source Content Management System (CMS) that makes it more cost-effective to build powerful and scalable websites quickly. Developed by a team of mostly volunteers, Drupal has evolved greatly since being released as in 2001. Today, over 1 million companies rely on a version of Drupal’s core software.

Pivotal enhancements and new features released with Drupal 8 – which launched in November 2015 – demonstrate that Drupal continues to be a leading player in the CMS market, and many organizations are signing up.

How Your Company Can Benefit From Drupal 8’s New Features:

  • Save time, reduce errors with an easy-to-use writing/editing User Interface
    • Preview content before it goes live with a built-in WYSIWYG editor
    • Use Quick Edit for in-place editing from the front-end of your website
    • Enable CKEditor to spellcheck in your browser
  • Increase the speed of your website with Drupal 8’s flexible caching system
  • Reach international audiences with Multilingual Translation capabilities
  • Boost your SEO and traffic with Mobile First Responsive Design
  • Save money on updates, upgrades and integration
    • The Migrate system in Drupal core makes upgrading easier
    • Seamlessly integrate other platforms, services and technology
  • Feel safe knowing your data is secured by enhanced security upgrades robust enough for all companies, including financial institutions



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Who’s Using Drupal 8?

A variety of companies have adopted Drupal 8, ranging from popular commercial brands to media organizations, nonprofits and sports leagues. Their reasons for making the switch shed light on what you can expect from Drupal 8.

South Asian Performing Arts Network and Institute wanted a more modern website and decided to move their WordPress site over to Drupal 8 using the new Migrate function. They’re also making use of the AddToAny universal share button that was newly released with Drupal 8, along with the Instagram and YouTube block modules.

Al Jazeera Media Network uses Drupal 8 to satisfy its 24 hours a day, 7 days as week news cycle, which includes live broadcasts. The NBA’s live-streaming service and latest stats and standings also live on a Drupal 8 site.

The YMCA Twin Cities needed to manage their membership and found that Drupal 8 was the right solution to help members check-in, book classes and set fitness goals. The leading nonprofit organization hooked Drupal to their workout machines and wearables so that members can track their workouts. They also use Drupal 8’s multilingual capabilities to connect with YMCAs around the world.

Accessible Media Inc. chose Drupal 8 because of its features for the blind and low vision people, later tweeting about their positive experience on social media.

Nasdaq Corporate Solutions turned to Drupal 8 for a secure online solution for its Investor Relations Website Platform.

AVIO Consulting upgraded from Drupal 7 to Drupal 8 after their rebrand. The company, which specializes in Oracle software solutions, made the switch because of Drupal 8’s scalability, security updates, affordability and flexible and customizable platform.

A solution for their e-commerce needs was one reason why Obermeyer chose Drupal 8 and integrated it with Drupal Commerce.

A key motivator behind why Youth Hostels Association Groups and School Trips moved to Drupal 8 was because – like all other pre-Drupal 7 sites – their Drupal 6 site is no longer eligible for official security support. Upgrading also helped increase their website traffic by 19% within the first 20 days, and boosted their mobile users from 15% to 25% due to the enhanced responsive design of their content for mobile. Their new site also improved the user experience of their development team and visitors to their site alike.

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