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ADA Website Audit: Do You Want to Avoid a Lawsuit?

ADA compliance is something that applies to many businesses. Yet, very few pay attention to it until they’ve already received their court notice.

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Avoid an ADA Lawsuit

In case you didn’t know, ADA stands for the “Americans With Disabilities Act.” 

It’s a legal set of regulations that your website must adhere to for the sake of making your business more accessible to people with disabilities. 

  • Individual businesses are caught every day. 
  • Don’t let yours be one of them.  

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Marketing pain points

Live Assessments Completed by Technical Team Members with Disabilities

Allyant: Simple. Seamless. Accessibility.

We have partnered with a top-notch ADA compliance organization, Allyant, which employs technical team members with disabilities and has advised on these issues at the federal level. By conducting live assessments, rather than using automated tools, we can prevent false positives and highlight all usability issues. O8 then takes this audit and completes remediations to ensure you are fully compliant!

What's In The Assessment?

Benefits of a Fully ADA Complaint Website

  • Reduce your fear of being sued for not having a compliant website
  • Increase your web traffic by improving your organic SEO score
  • Increase your revenue from boosted web traffic and a widened range of messaging
  • Improve public relations by having a website that is accessible to all 

Some of the things your site needs to be ADA compliant

  • Closed captioning & subtitles Icon

    Closed captioning & subtitles

    Videos need to display captioning for hearing impaired viewers.

  • Alternative image text Icon

    Alternative image text

    Descriptive text added to all images on a web page, making it easy for screen readers to describe what's there.

  • Screen reader compatibility Icon

    Screen reader compatibility

    Visually impaired visitors use screen readers that navigate through copy linearly. We make sure your copy is placed logically and flows smoothly.

  • Alternative iFrame/Video text Icon

    Alternative iFrame/Video text

    Alt text for videos that describes an embedded video.

  • Accessibility with keyboard Icon

    Accessibility with keyboard

    Site visitors with motor disabilities or screen readers need to be able to control links, buttons, and input fields with tab, arrows, or other keys.

  • Color allocation and contrast Icon

    Color allocation and contrast

    Ensure that color-blind or visually impaired visitors have the full benefit of info that is often displayed via color, using labels or icons instead of color-coding.

  • Skip navigation links Icon

    Skip navigation links

    These allow keyboard-only users to skip repetitive content and move directly to the main content on a page.

Tunde Giwa

We couldn't have done what we did without the significant contributions from O8. You guys were responsive and helpful and dedicated to the project. You all performed wonderfully.

Tunde Giwa