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Brand Strategy Framework: How to Build a Brand in 2024

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Heidi Lindsay
Brand Strategy Framework

Designing the brand strategy framework to catapult your product and value into the marketplace can be a daunting task. Understanding the most important pieces of the framework to help make marketing decisions will move you forward in that strategy.

While your product or services may be developed and ready to go to market, your brand may need some work. From fine-tuning your brand story to identifying your target audience, consistency in brand messaging is key. Following a Brand Strategy framework helps you organize these essential elements in making decisions that help you stand out on addition to how a digital marketing team can help you achieve it.

Designing Your Brand Identity Template

When it comes to sharing your brand identity with the world, thought and strategy are a requirement. The future of your business depends upon the relationship you build with future clients.

The most important questions you can ask are, “What’s in it for my potential customers?” and “How can I make them feel important?” When these questions are answered and followed through consistently, you can strive to build trust and customer loyalty.

So, what is involved in building a successful brand strategy? When a company is presenting itself to customers, consistency is key. With so many platforms available, the look, colors, branding, and feel must be consistent. A customer seeing your brand across platforms or in person should recognize it immediately.

The philosophy, messaging, and personality of your company create as much of the brand identity as the visual identity of colors, fonts, and logo you choose. Thoughtfully considering all these details work together to make up your brand marketing and help tell your story.

When earning customer loyalty, consistently communicating your brand story helps build a relationship and communicate value in the emotion you are working to evoke.

The “look” of your company, combined with the experience the customer will have when using your product or service also tells a story. Clearly identifying your purpose and telling that same story over again, positioning customers as heroes is key to building brand story and brand recognition.


Using a Messaging Strategy to Create Brand Awareness

When Shakespeare wrote “What’s in a name?” he implied that, although a name may sound official and important, it may not always be accurate. It may be empty or not carry the intended meaning.

This is true with your digital brand strategy as well. More than colors logos must be considered. A true company name must communicate an entire experience possible when using your product. An empty promise and bold logo will halt customer loyalty. A branding strategy should incorporate the following objectives: brand purpose, target market, brand alignment, brand identity, and marketing strategy.

The most effective way to incorporate this promise into your brand story is to walk with customers along their path to conversion. To understand the conflict they encounter, provide a plan, offer value, and lead them through to resolution.



If you can weave this framework into your company culture and marketing messages, you’ll notice an uptick in your marketing efforts and revenue streams. This framework can help you see your brand from the customer’s eyes.

Brand Purpose

Your product or service serves a purpose. Clearly define your this purpose and the reason it is important for the target market. Keep it simple.

How can your products or services make a difference in the life of your audience? Doing some market research can help define what your customers are already being offered. Then, working to communicate your brand’s purpose will also communicate your company’s culture and the care you take in refining your products to best benefit customers.

Ask yourself “What’s in it for them?” Centering your purpose and initiatives around solving your customer’s problems will draw customers to your company.

Next, answer the question “what makes your company unique”? You may have an interesting story about how your company began or how you discovered the need for your product.

Share that story consistently across all of your platforms and sharing opportunities. Your website, social media outlets (LinkedIn, Instagram, Facebook, etc.), email marketing campaigns, podcasts, and elevator pitch should all weave in your unique story in some way.

As an example, the small business City Bonfires was created by two dads whose careers were affected by COVID-19. The core driver of this brand story is relatable, connecting with dads and others alike who were affected by the pandemic. At the root of this shared connection, are people who love bonfires and creating those types of experiences with their families.

Their product purpose is to provide people with a small and effective tool to have bonfires at home. The brand strategy communicates relatable emotional benefits that come when gathering around the fire with friends and family. This easy access to a fun bonfire experience without the work, mess, or perhaps unavailability of a larger bonfire also brings additional value.

The City Bonfires business owners have capitalized on a personal story that many can relate to. They have created a product that is fun, useful, and safe. Finally, they have used a socially conscious strategy by designing a product that is environmentally safe.

CityBonfires Website Screenshot


While the product is simple, City Bonfires used their knowledge of audience trends and insights in their brand messaging strategy to create awareness and relatable value.


Target Market

Speaking of audience, who is your target market? Who is the person who would most benefit from your product and what are their painpoints? Identifying your target market narrows your focus to fine-tune branding elements. Dollar Shave Club has done a clear job of identifying their target market as men, while not excluding women, from their brand.

Delivering quality grooming products right to your door, they have taken the pain and price out of razors. From their masculine color choices, straight-forward fonts, clean lines design, edgy tagline and fun booklet included in monthly orders, this company uses their brand personality to connect to their demographic and what they value most.

Dollar Shave Club has also leaves room for expansion in their product line. Razors were the beginning. Men’s grooming products have been added to the line.

And to be sure they haven’t missed anyone, some of their products are available in retail stores as well. While this adds the middle-man back in, it also provides an element of advertising to join the club instead.


Brand Positioning

Where is your place in the market? You may have a small business with a small niche product, or you may offer a service that many others do as well. Where is your place in the market and how can you fit into it in a unique way? What makes you different?

Often there are alternative choices in the same market. Identifying what makes your product or service stand out is essential to long-term customer loyalty. The most important question you can continue to ask is that “What’s in it for them?”

Whether it’s excellent customer service or a unique twist to a common product, this value should help resolve the issues your target audience encounters better than competitors. Honing in on your special piece in the marketplace will make your brand recognizable amongst the competition.


Brand Identity

Brand identity is what people see. Your logo, font, and colors. It’s what consumers see and immediately associate with a brand. Solid brand identity helps tell your story. This consistent messaging leads to brand recognition and loyal customers.

Major athletic brands such as Nike, Adidas, and UnderArmor are primary examples of brand identity. The Nike swoosh, the Adidas three lines, and UnderArmor’s unique symbol need no introduction. They are immediately recognizable as brands that make those who wear their apparel feel that they are in a club with the best of athletes.


Marketing Strategy

This is where having a team of marketing professionals or an agency that understands emerging strategies can make a world of difference. Your specialty is the product or service you have created. Teaming up with marketing specialists (hint: working in their specialty) can catapult your branding timeline and product launch to your ideal customers.

These professionals can help you focus your decisions with a blueprint they know works to help you grow more effectively. They can also help you stay on track with brand-decision consistency.

Hiring a digital marketing team to stay on top of things like social media and SEO trends helps you stay ahead of the digital world, providing your brand with consistent care and messaging, giving you back the energy to focus on servicing your target customers and showing them what’s in it for them in your unique way.

Measuring Your Strategies

So, each element of your brand has been thoughtfully considered. From colors to brand promise, from font to philosophy. You are telling your story and building a brand across all marketing channels. What do you do now?

As you continue to grow, each decision should be tied to a greater metric or goal to ensure it’s in line with your strategy. Keep your niche simplified and consistent. Does the next growth decision or opportunity coincide with the promise you have made to your customers and growth goals? Does tell a consistent message and drive value?

Major decisions can become simple ones when the customer is always considered first and the message remains the same. Partnering with a digital marketing team like O8 lends a team of industry veterans who can consistently optimize your customer experiences and ensure it aligns with your branding promise and goals.

A great digital marketing team takes the guess work out, helping you become the ultimate guide in your market.


Bring it to the World

What you provide to the world is important. In this vast world of products and opportunities, people need what you have to offer. Whether you have a new product or you are working to rebrand, give your clients the thoughtfulness and intention they deserve by considering each element of your brand strategy so that when those clients find you, they will find a home.

For more information on Digital marketing, and branding services, or for a glimpse of our work, explore our portfolio and get in touch to get the ball rolling.



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