The buzz about Drupal 8 is real, and the upgrade is ready for primetime.

At O8, we are proud to have a talented and diverse development team with lots of experience of working with client partners in a multitude of industries. We asked them what they thought clients would like about Drupal 8 and we got some enthusiastic feedback. Here is a compilation of responses that reveal concrete benefits that clients will appreciate:


Drupal 8 provides improved editorial experience, coupled with streamlined internationalization and translation. This will appeal to clients who are heavy on content, especially with an international presence and shifting the control over to editorial teams.


Drupal 8's "fast-by-default" performance improvements will allow clients to see rewards in page load times as soon as they build their D8 site. In addition, the more granular caching system will allow clients to create customized pages without sacrificing page load times.


Drupal 8 has been geared towards Responsive Design from the beginning and includes all the building blocks needed to make a Righteous Responsive Site!!!


Easier to integrate with other platforms/services
More flexible caching for better server performance
Better user interface and user experience


I think that what a client will like depends on the client and what is important to them. If they produce a lot of content, and need to manage it on a day-to-day basis, they'll appreciate the streamlined user interface and improved content management tools. If they are worried about maintaining separate dev/staging/production environments, they'll like the new configuration management. If they're worried about site speed and performance they'll like that performance has been a big focus for Drupal 8.

You could say that all clients care about these things, but I think they all have different priorities :)


Drupal 8 is more than mobile-friendly, It’s mobile-first--all built-in themes are responsive. Also, multilingual capabilities have been improved a lot, allowing translation of anything in the system. Performance with Drupal 8 has also been improved; basic sites can be spun up in a matter of minutes.


Drupal 8 was designed for growth. It is scalable and it allows projects to grow in the future as required. Drupal 8 = responsive + performance + scalable = the base your project needs.

With Drupal 8 you will receive constant updates, and fixing security issues and adding new functionality will be easier than ever.


So, the response from our developers is a resounding yes to Drupal 8 being a win for clients. It is rightly hailed as a ground-breaking release that offers an improved developer experience, and an enhanced platform for client partners to offer a better digital experience for site users, content creators, and administrators.

If you’d like to discuss what a Drupal 8 upgrade can do for your business, please contact us. We will evaluate your site and determine if an upgrade is timely and appropriate for your organization. If you agree that it is, we can put together an appropriate action plan for you.

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