Have a Drupal or WordPress site that is under-performing, a security risk, or in need of a thorough audit to determine where you stand? Our expert architects, security professionals, and performance optimizers are ready to help!

  • Correct any potential issues affecting your security or website performance, from the underlying code all the way to the way the site renders for the user in the browser.
  • Avoid any potential security issues with the proper implementation of protective measures such as Web Application Firewalls (WAF) and routine vulnerability and penetration testing.
  • Ensure your site is performing at its best with standard performance measures such as CDNs and image optimization.
  • Get peace of mind with a Drupal security audit or Drupal performance optimization and tuning. 
  • Go the extra mile with a WordPress security audit or WordPress performance optimization and tuning.
  • We make use of open-source security and performance tools, plugins, and modules, as well as 3rd party services like New Relic, to monitor, diagnose, and improve your security and performance issues.

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Security For Your Drupal or WordPress Website

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