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A Stunning Web Design Makes All The Difference

Good web design increases the likelihood that your visitors will feel comfortable navigating the site and confident that they can find the information they are looking for, which increases the chances of converting these prospective customers into solid leads. To achieve this, we maintain a focus on three basic components.

Our Web Design Process

  • 1. Discovery
  • 2. Design
  • 3. Approvals and Implementation
    • Website Design: Determining how your website should look and feel. 
    • Content Strategy: Identifying what existing content needs to be clarified, deleted, or cleaned up and if any new content will add value. 
    • User Experience: Analyzing and learning from user interactions with your current site. 
    • Design Thinking: Establishing how to best communicate and resonate with your users.
    • Pattern Library: Documents the user interface design elements that will appear on your site.
    • Wireframes: Depicts the skeletal framework of your website. 
    • User Personas: Defines the various different people who visit your website, enabling the design to be built through their eyes.
    • Mockups: Demonstrates visually how the site will appear for desktop and mobile devices. 
    • Style Guide: Details the code standards and various elements of your website. 
    Website Design
    • Design Approval: Review, revise and approve the final design. 
    • Project Timeline Mapping: Determine the best estimate for the project timeline and completion date. 
    • Hand-off to Development Team: Support for questions, training for internal teams, and discuss plan for ongoing optimization. 
    Approvals & Implementation

Our Competitive Analysis Process

We look into your biggest competitors to ensure your design is not only beautiful but competitive in that it meets strategic needs for your differentiation in the market. The design must also follow a content strategy that allows you to compete for organic search traffic (SEO). Knowledge is power, and knowing how you compare can be used to develop new initiatives to enhance your overall competitive position.

  • Competitive Design Analysis

    First we look at your competitors through a design lense. What design patterns are they using? How can you stand out and be different?

  • Competitive SEO Analysis

    Next we examine your competitors using our SEO toolset. What are they ranking for? Which keywords? Your design ultimately should allow you to tell strategic stories that also rank competitively.

  • UX Exploration

    During every step of the design phase, we walk through the user experience, ensuring best practices, and the ability for you to communicate your message in the most effective way possible.

What makes an O8 website different?

Every decision we make is data-backed. You don't just get beautiful designs – you get workable solutions that drive business value. We are truly user-centric and customer-focused, basing our designs on neuromarketing and conversion optimization research. We do user testing, pull insights from analytics, implement surveys, look at heat maps, and watch "mouse movement recordings" of people trying to use websites. We utilize our holistic digital innovation opportunity (DIO™) process to enhance your messaging, shift customer behavior, and convert visitors using CRO and brain-based research. In short, we test our designs to ensure that they are highly-usable and actually working the way they are intended to.

Website Creation

We also implement best practices and offer full certification for ADA compliance. Learn more here.

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