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Your Growth Is Stalled. Here’s Why.

Are you struggling to scale your business despite investing in multiple marketing and sales channels? 

This stagnation isn't just a minor hiccup. 

Let's delve into the real impact of stalled growth and why this problem persists:

  • Lack of Data-Driven Insights: Without proper data analysis, your marketing strategies lack direction and impact.
  • Ineffective Marketing Channels: Relying on outdated or mismatched marketing tactics wastes resources and misses your target audience.
  • Low Conversion Rates: Poorly optimized landing pages and website design can severely limit lead generation and customer acquisition.
  • Inconsistent Social Media Presence: An uncoordinated social media marketing strategy fails to engage and retain your audience.
  • Underperforming SEO: Ineffective search engine optimization keeps your business invisible to potential customers searching for your services.
  • Fragmented Sales and Marketing Efforts: Misalignment between your marketing and sales teams hampers your go-to-market strategy and overall revenue operations (RevOps).

But don't fret — there’s a way to break free from these constraints and achieve the holistic growth you’re aiming for.

Why Brands Choose O8 For Growth Agency Services

O8 has been a leader in data-driven digital marketing services for more than ten years, aiding businesses across various sectors in expanding their online presence.


David Wargin

...we continue to rely on O8 for their professionalism, expertise and long-term support. They are a valued partner and, in our view, an extension of our marketing team.

David Wargin
Leigh Anne Godfrey, VITAL WorkLife testimonial

Your knowledge, skill, and flexibility are amazing. You are truly an extension of our marketing team, allowing us to do so much more than we could on our own. We love working with you and look forward to doing so for years to come.

Leigh Anne Godfrey
Senior Marketing Manager

Your B2B Growth Agency Team

Seth headshot

Seth Viebrock

CEO and Marketing Engineer

Minneapolis, Minnesota

Alison LaPoint Krahn

Alison LaPoint Krahn

VP, Client Experience

Minneapolis, Minnesota

Karen headshot

Karen Pomazal

VP, Client Strategy + Marketing

Naperville, Illinois

Andy headshot

Andy Keith

VP, Digital Marketing

St. Louis Park, Minnesota

Becky headshot

Becky Inglis

Director, Project Management

Boise, Idaho

Patrick headshot

Patrick Hinchcliff

Development Lead

Denver, Colorado

Danielle Ruess-Saltz

Danielle Ruess-Saltz

Fractional CMO

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Tom Headrick headshot

Tom Hedrick

Director, Digital Strategy

Minneapolis, Minnesota


Sam Hollis

User Experience Lead

Delray Beach, Florida

Nate McBride headshot

Nate McBride

Content Director

Los Angeles, California


Barbara Davis Haas

Graphic Designer

Mundelein, Illinois

Phil Cave

Phil Cave

Global CRO Expert

Stockbridge, England, United Kingdom

B2B Growth Agency Portfolio

Additional Growth Agency Services

  • Content Marketing: Crafting engaging, data-driven content to boost your SEO and audience engagement.
  • Website Design: Innovative, data-driven designs that captivate and engage your Minnesota audience.
  • Search Engine Optimization: Enhance your visibility and rankings with expert data-driven SEO strategies.
  • Pay-per-click Advertising: Drive immediate traffic and results with targeted, data-driven PPC campaigns.
  • User Experience: Create stunning, functional marketing experiences for your business needs, backed by a data-driven process.
  • Lead Generation: Capture quality B2B leads to fuel your business growth using a data-driven framework.
  • Inbound Marketing: Attract customers through content marketing, SEO, and other data-driven strategies.
  • Marketing Team Support: Collaborate with experienced data-driven marketers on a fractional basis to refine and execute strategies.
  • Copywriting Services: Engaging and SEO-optimized data-driven copy that boosts your web presence.
  • Custom Web Design: Unique designs that reflect your specific brand identity and data-driven goals.
  • Digital Marketing Services: Full-spectrum data-driven digital strategies that increase visibility and leads.
  • Startups: Tailored services to help startups establish a strong online presence and data-driven strategies quickly and efficiently.
  • Ecommerce: Optimize your online sales with targeted, data-driven marketing strategies that drive conversions.
  • Marketing services: Enhance your reach and impact with customized marketing solutions tailored to your needs.
  • Social media marketing: Engage and grow your audience through strategic content and campaigns on all major platforms.
  • Web development: Build robust, scalable websites that provide excellent user experience and enhance your digital presence.
  • Messaging: Developing clear and impactful messages that resonate with your target audience.
  • Full-Service: Offering comprehensive solutions from strategy to implementation and optimization.
  • HubSpot: Utilizing leading technologies to streamline and enhance marketing efforts.
  • B2B Marketing Services: Providing tools and strategies specifically designed for B2B success.
  • B2B Marketing Strategy: Creating detailed plans that align with your business goals and market dynamics.
  • Content Creation: Crafting high-quality content tailored to engage and inform your target audience.
  • Healthcare: Specializing in B2B marketing strategies tailored to the healthcare industry's unique needs.
  • Influencer Marketing: Strategically partnering with key personalities to expand market reach and influence.
  • SaaS: Creating targeted campaigns for SaaS platforms to boost subscriptions and user engagement.
  • Sales Enablement: Equipping your sales team with the tools and content needed to close more deals.
  • Thought Leadership: Establishing your brand as a thought leader with insightful content and authoritative presence.
  • B2B Tech: Tailoring marketing strategies to the specific needs of the B2B tech market.
  • Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO): Focused efforts on optimizing all aspects of your funnel to improve conversion rates.
  • Growth Marketing: Implementing strategies designed to scale your business effectively and sustainably.
  • Marketing Automation: Using advanced tools to automate and optimize your marketing processes.

Growth Agency Services vs Traditional Marketing Agencies

Frequently Asked Questions About Growth Agency Services

What is a growth marketing agency?

A growth marketing agency focuses on holistic business growth by integrating marketing, sales, and RevOps strategies. Unlike traditional marketing agencies that may focus solely on brand awareness or lead generation, a growth marketing agency utilizes a comprehensive approach to drive sustainable and scalable growth. This includes employing data-driven techniques, optimization, and continuous testing to achieve measurable results.

How does a growth strategy differ from traditional marketing approaches?

A growth strategy is a data-driven approach tailored to achieving specific business goals, such as increasing revenue, expanding market share, or improving customer retention. Traditional marketing often emphasizes broad campaigns that raise awareness or generate leads. In contrast, growth strategies focus on optimizing every aspect of the customer journey, from acquisition to retention, ensuring each step is fine-tuned for maximum impact.

What metrics do growth marketing agencies focus on?

Growth marketing agencies track a variety of metrics to gauge success and identify areas for improvement. Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) include customer acquisition cost (CAC), lifetime value (LTV), conversion rates, and retention rates. These metrics provide a comprehensive view of performance, enabling continuous optimization and strategic adjustments.

What is growth hacking, and how is it implemented?

Growth hacking involves using creative, low-cost strategies to rapidly grow a business. This often includes innovative marketing techniques, A/B testing, and leveraging cutting-edge technology. Growth hacking focuses on experimenting with various tactics to quickly identify what works best for accelerating growth.

How do growth marketing agencies enhance customer retention?

Customer retention is crucial for sustainable growth. Growth marketing agencies employ strategies such as personalized communication, loyalty programs, and CRM (Customer Relationship Management) systems to enhance customer satisfaction and loyalty. By focusing on retention, businesses can maximize the value of existing customers and reduce churn.

How does a growth marketing agency align with your growth goals?

Growth marketing agencies work closely with businesses to understand their unique growth goals. Whether it's achieving rapid growth, improving retention, or optimizing marketing campaigns, these agencies tailor their strategies to align with the specific objectives of the business. This hands-on approach ensures that every effort is directed towards achieving measurable growth.

What makes a growth marketing agency cutting-edge?

Growth marketing agencies leverage the latest technologies and methodologies to stay ahead of the curve. This includes advanced data analytics, automation, and innovative marketing techniques. Being cutting-edge means continuously evolving and adopting new tools and strategies to drive better results.

How does a growth marketing team operate differently from a traditional marketing team?

A growth marketing team is interdisciplinary, often comprising experts in digital marketing, data analysis, SEO, content marketing, and more. This team works collaboratively to implement and optimize growth marketing strategies. Unlike traditional marketing teams, which may operate in silos, growth marketing teams adopt a holistic approach to drive unified and sustainable growth.

What role does a CRM system play in growth marketing?

A CRM system is essential for managing customer relationships and tracking interactions. It helps growth marketing agencies maintain a centralized database of customer information, enabling personalized communication and targeted marketing efforts. This system is crucial for enhancing customer experience and improving retention rates.

How can growth marketing strategies lead to rapid growth?

Growth marketing strategies are designed to be agile and scalable. By continuously testing and optimizing various marketing tactics, growth marketing agencies can identify the most effective methods for achieving rapid growth. This approach ensures that businesses can quickly adapt to market changes and capitalize on new opportunities.

These sections aim to educate potential prospects on the distinct advantages and methodologies of growth marketing agencies compared to traditional marketing approaches. By addressing these frequently asked questions, prospects can gain a clearer understanding of how a growth marketing agency like O8 can help them achieve their growth goals.