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Outsourced Marketing Services, In-House Quality

Marketing muscle, minus the payroll: Get expert firepower without the full-time cost.

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Fractional Marketing Teams: A Better Alternative to Outsourcing (and Agencies)

Our fractional marketing teams are made exclusively of industry experts— no middlemen, junior team members, or fluff.  We augment your existing team, bringing targeted expertise where needed.

The Benefits: Cost-Effectiveness and Efficiency

Avoid agency markups: You pay directly for your team's hours, eliminating agency markups and potentially reducing overall costs.

No administrative overhead: The team is managed by us, saving you time and resources on recruitment, onboarding, and HR tasks.

You can focus on your core business: Your internal team can focus on core business functions while our fractional team handles marketing, maximizing team efficiency.

Done For You

Want to outsource all or a large part of your marketing services?

A fractional marketing team can do exactly that.

We take the reins and implement proactive leadership to Just Get Things Done, The Right Way™.

From outsourced email marketing to social media and more, we ensure you get measurable, data-driven results.

Done With You

Want to augment your existing marketing team? You can handpick from our team members with specific expertise in your industry or required marketing activities, leading to more effective campaigns.

Our fractional team model offers not just execution but also strategic guidance and insights from an outsourced chief marketing officer, contributing to long-term success.

How We Extend Your Team With Ours

Direct communication and feedback: You have direct access to your team members for real-time communication and feedback, ensuring transparency and control over your marketing efforts.

Scalability on your terms: Easily scale the team up or down based on your budget and campaign needs without the rigid contracts often associated with agencies.

Personalized attention: You receive focused attention and expertise from your team, avoiding the feeling of being just another client lost in a large agency.

Costs Compared to Full-Time Employees

Building your dream marketing team shouldn't break the bank. Traditional full-time hires come with hefty salaries, benefits, and office space costs, often exceeding your immediate needs, while outsourcing is plagued with quality issues. But there's a smarter way: fractional marketing teams.

Fractional team icon

Fractional Marketing

Fulltime hires icon

Full-Time Hires (FTE)

Marketing Team Cost

$68k-$102k per year

2 to 4 experts with varying skill sets

$250k-$500k per year

2 to 4 Full Time Employees

Marketing + Tech Team Cost

$102k-$136k per year

4 to 8 experts with varying skill sets

$500k-$1M per year

4 to 8 Full Time Employees

Benefit Analysis

+ Flexible: Month-to-Month Contract.

+ Done for You: Project and team member management.

+ The Power of a Team: Fast execution, redundancy, shared brain power, strategic thinking, and new ideas.

+ Reliable: Track record of success and industry expertise.

- Additional Costs: Benefits, payroll taxes, PTO, employee infrastructure.

- Ramp-up Time: Interviews and onboarding.

- Risks: Underperformance, employee churn, lack of strategic thinking.

Proven ROI Yes Maybe
Onboarding Time Days Months

Specialized Expertise: HubSpot, WordPress, and More

We have specialized expertise in a wide array of technologies and areas of digital marketing.
You can view a full list of our services.

Your Alternative to Outsourcing

Why bet on outsourcing or a traditional marketing agency when you can invest in actual, measurable results? With O8, industry veterans fill every marketing and technical gap for less than it costs to hire a full-time employee. 

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O8 Team

Challenges That Fractional Marketing Can Handle

Digital Marketing Strategy

Imagine having a customized, industry-best online marketing strategy by an experienced, world-class marketing team with internal knowledge of your organization. Fractional marketing teams pair senior marketing roles with your in-house marketing team, supplementing and improving your marketing efforts and strategy as a whole.


Content Creation and Content Marketing

Skip the outsourcing maze and grab the content gold. Fractional teams cut agency bloat and offer seasoned writing, video production, graphic design, and more, all backed by a rock-solid content strategy, brand alignment, SEO, and content marketing efforts. We employ the latest AI tools along with subject-matter-expert copywriters, all without sacrificing quality.

Content can easily overwhelm marketing teams. You can get content marketing expertise on-demand, paying only for your needs. There is no overhead, no bloated retainers, just fresh, targeted content that fuels your marketing engine and delivers measurable results. 

Analytics and Reporting

How do you justify spending on marketing agencies and contractors without proof of their value? While agencies can offer time sheets and allocation information, fractional marketing team members meet the exact expectations of their in-house counterparts. You get one system for tracking ROI—no more toggling back and forth, comparing and contrasting.


Website Design and Development

Web design and development is often the most technically challenging area of digital marketing and is often outsourced to a low-cost overseas provider. But scattering and skimping on design and development often results in inconsistent work and tech debt.

A fractional marketing team is embedded in your organization and can bring consistency, accountability, and transparency to your web design and development—not to mention beautiful results that move your business forward.


Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a core component of any digital marketing plan. Unless you’re lucky enough to have someone with extensive SEO expertise in-house, your business needs an expert’s help to navigate SEO’s evolving challenges. A fractional marketing team can roll their expertise into your existing team operations, KPIs, and goal-oriented dashboards. 

Digital Advertising and PPC

Like SEO, digital ads and PPC are part of a highly technical field that is continually developing. It would take a substantial marketing budget to justify the employment of a full-time employee devoted exclusively to the operation of digital advertising and PPC.

In-house teams must know the fundamentals of pay-per-click (PPC) and programmatic ads, bidding, and budgeting. A fractional team can co-create and continually optimize your ad campaigns.

Social Media

B2B brands often rely on agencies or contractors for social media marketing tasks, audits, and paid marketing campaigns. Social media can seem robotic, feature inconsistent messaging, and not hit goals such as brand awareness or lead generation without detailed access to day-to-day activities and multimedia resources.

It usually takes an internal team member to establish an editorial calendar with genuine consumer, employee, and stakeholder feedback. Fractional marketing professionals have the content marketing know-how and internal team visibility to own these initiatives.


Email Marketing and SMS

Fractional marketing brings seasoned email and SMS heroes to your corner, not an outsourced campaign that could damage your reputation and email deliverability. Our pros seamlessly blend into your team, crafting campaigns that resonate and convert. Let fractional expertise deliver inbox brilliance and watch your brand take flight.

And Much More

Please have a look at our services for an idea of all we can offer.