As an experienced marketing professional and owner of a digital agency, the most common pitfalls we see in a company’s marketing efforts that are killing its competitiveness and efficiency are as follows:

Top 6 Marketing Pitfalls That Ruin Your ROI and Competitive Advantage

  • #1: Issues with messaging and storytelling
    • The messaging or value proposition is unclear, doesn’t convey value or address pain, nor does it differentiate the business from its competition.
    • Lack of storytelling and imagery that captures the humanity behind the business while emotionally captivating prospects to take the next step in a buying decision. 
  • #2: Issues with attribution and management of data
    • A company can’t drive revenues through marketing if it has no idea how or if its marketing efforts are tied (attributed) to revenue. 
  • #3: Lack of time to analyze and deal with all the marketing data
    • Let's face it. Marketers are pushed and pulled in so many directions, and rarely have time to slow down and properly analyze all of their digital marketing data, from SEO to analytics to heat maps to CRM data – especially not on an ongoing basis.
    • That data often remains an untapped goldmine for driving ROI on marketing spend.​​​​​​​

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  • #4: Lack of expertise in key areas of marketing strategy execution
    • Many marketing teams are wearing multiple hats. Expertise in paid advertising is extremely different from expertise in SEO. 
    • Even within these disciplines, however, is an underlying theme of messaging. If the messaging isn’t right in the paid ads, the ads fail and waste ad dollars. If the messaging gets harmed by an attempt to “game” SEO rankings, those pages will actually harm the user journey.
  • #5: Issues with first impressions
    • People make decisions on web and marketing materials based on visceral emotions, just like when you meet a person for the first time. 
    • Outdated design, user experience, visual hierarchy issues, technical issues, slow-loading content, and other problems that decrease attention capture or cause people to abandon right out of the gate.
  • #6: Inefficient investment in marketing efforts
    • It takes a certain investment threshold in marketing efforts before the magic really starts to happen. 
    • Companies try to cut corners, but they would often be better off if they left the corners on, and just pushed a little bit more. The small financial difference to cut corners is often one of a functional, persuasive, effective campaign – and a total waste of money.

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